Work Sites

Storrington Conservation Society works on a number of sites around the Village. We beleive that long term sustainable management practices are best for wildlife. Therefore we carry out short regular sessions an an ongoing basis on the sites we help to care for.


Sites we are involved in looking after are:

Storrington Mill Pond

The Mill Pond lays at the very heart of our lovley village, fed by a chalk spring below Chantry Hill the pond supports a genetically pure species od brown trout along with other aquatic life and of course a good number of ducks. We help to ensure that this historic Mill Pond remains in an healthy state and clear of debris. We have also  secured a sizable grant  to help Horsham District Council to landscape the pond area as part of the restoration work that it undertook  in 2011.

Storrington Mill Pond


The Riverside Walk

The creation of Storrington’s Riverside Walk has been one of our greatest Acheivement. This project is another excellent example of how through working in close partnership with organisations such as Horsham District Council substantial projects can be acheived. The Riverside Walk has been created in three stages and now runs from Meadowside in the east of the Village to Coppice Park in the west. It provides a quiet traffic free rour through the heart of the Village. Our role is to clear back overhanging trees, removind debris and ensuring the the area remains pleasent for people to enjoy.


The GladeThe Glade

This 2 acre peice of woodland is owned by Storrington and Sullington Parish Council and we help to manage it as a public open space for local people to enjoy. Our work involves the co-ordination of tree felling, maintaining the footpaths and enhancing the sites wildlife value.



West Street Garden

west street 2a

Although only small this garden plays a big role in brightening up the western end of the Village. Our role is to keep the site clear of weeds,  the shrubs pruned, as well as clearing litter, bulb planting and the lawn edged.




Fryern Dell  (Also known as Coppice Park)

Fryern HallThis is the site where we will be concentrating a lot of our efforts in future years. We have comissioned a Management Plan for the site and will be working to implement it and restore this historic local  landscape with its specimen trees, waterfall, riverside path and wild flowers.


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