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 We are a dedicated group of like-minded individuals who care very much for Storrington’s environment and  we take practical action to improve it for both people and wildlife.


We have now started to implement work as part of its excitiing major project to improve Fryern Dell, the grounds of the former Fryern House. We are also looking for anybody within the the village who may have known the site in years gone by. We are looking for documents, photographs and personal recollections. If you can help please get in touch.

Fryern Chalk BarrowingPath Improvement

Since its formation Storrington Conservation Society’s Achievements include:

  • Undertaking a variety of conservation projects such as pond management, tree planting, footpath and management.
  • Achieving over 5,000 volunteer workdays in making Storrington a better place for its people and for wildlife.
  • Raising awareness of wildlife related issues at our periodic lunchtime talks.
  • Establishing and co-ordinating a weekly programme of Healthy Walks  in and around Storrington.
  • Being one of the major voices in convincing the District Council to build the Riverside Walks and carrying out the major refurbishment of the Mill Pond..




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